Inspired by the story of a young girl whom a smartwatch helped helped her discover cancer at an early stage and a video of a drone with a defibrillator, an Idea emerged to combine both technologies and save lives during hajj .

What it does

Helps paramedics be on their feet without being attached to equipment, and locate elderly or those with risky diseases using sensors on smartwatch loaded with the details of the patient. after locating the patient the next step would be ordering and confirming needed medical supplies the order then goes to the warehouse which a specialist receives then loads the drone and send it to the required location.

How we built it

Using a handful of API such as google's fit API to detect irregular hear beat and then JSON's API to send data to a centralized system that dispatches drones loaded with medical supplies according to the needs of the Paramedics

Challenges we ran into

Working with google's fit API was a bit hard and also finding the right drone for the idea because we were looking for one that could be controlled from a mobile app to fit our needs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Planing and explaining the system simply to people even though it has complicated back end behind it.

What we learned

All team members were pushed outside of their comfort zone , thus we all learned more about front & back end, and due to the nature of the project we needed to use some of google's of APIs like fit and maps in a more advance way than usual which was a great learning opportunity. moreover was learning about drones and how to control them using WiFi, GPS and 4g connectivity. Overall it was a great chance to get educated about Hajj and technology.

What's next for A25 - XMedic

Centralized respond-er support to control paramedics and communicate with them for faster reach to patients in Hajj.

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