Care - service - finance siluation

What it does

Making hajj doing

How we built it

Cash Machine. phone app. Markting befor they arrive . Payment online system .

Challenges we ran int

Securty .. some compitoior doing same servies .. ** we dont have programar devloper .. and we lose alot of time .. Cuz that we dont have demo for app .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every service wil come until the hajj By tictik plans to get vison 2030 " تفرغ للعبادة .. واترك لنا القيادة " We make haj more comfortable and try a good and non forgeten memories

What we learned

We learn why we are here .. To get what hajj want with : 1- time . 2- cost 3- Quality . By e-managment

What's next for A098

New plans and improving with 2030 on : Oppration mangment inside net . Be the frist maker .. Like what do it when we get on genuss Always be on the head with that tools you have to control all your parts .

I have a lot of weakness on oppration magment of hajj " time mangemnt " .

I hope to reduse more than 10% for time wast .. and give some new activity . About how we will saving time .. With high profit . And less cost :) .

Built With

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