Getting lost in Hajj is very common for adults, seniors and kids, so we are trying to address this issue via the web app

What it does

helping Hajj to report them selves as drifter (lost), reporting someone as drifter, looking for a relative/ friend. As second phase we will be building a portal for Mofwaij and Group managers

How we built it

We started with analyzing what we will focus on, then defined roles, then started UI/UX, then we translated the all of these into a simple navigation responsive web app. Tools and languages we used: javascript, bootstrap,Vuejs, nodejs and mongodb

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We crated a working website that communicates with, developed API that provides CRUD.

What we learned

We can not cover all of the use cases so we focused on the main features that we can built on later.

What's next for A037-Drifters

Evolve the Responsive web app into PWA because it should address the works offline, very small in size, works on all platforms, optimized to work for low end technologies and finally no installation. This will be developed further to address more use cases, and should have a monitoring from the Hamlah team, to response to requests and finally to get statistical data that can provide insights on how can we prevent them in further.

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