As a new mother, nothing prepares you for the changes - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Society expects new mothers to be happy and if you feel a certain way, you are a bad mother. Most women do not know that there is something called 'Post Partum Depression. They're not well informed about pregnancy complications and often overlook dangerous symptoms that turn out fatal. This project aims to help educate and prepare women for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.


This is the first time I am using Kendo React and I learned Reactjs JUST for this hackathon. It was not easy.


Learned REACT (finally), Created APIs for Laravel (for the first time) and got to practice with Postman - now it all makes sense (a Lil :) )

What's next

Launch and reach women and hopefully save lives.


I did not get to implement the ListView Paging Component on the Guides, Medics, and Facility pages as I had wanted. Lights out, battery low and it just dawned on me I did not implement the single guide view (for users to read the gudes)...

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