My love of 80s computer point and click style graphic adventure games. Interested in playing some, head here and join the forum community and enter contests.

What it does

Explorers can visit every day and extraordinary places where he/she can interact with the world around them. There are some mini quests that can be solved to gain access to previous and new areas. A VR headset or simply a phone can be used to access the experience.

How I built it

Viond 360 software

Challenges I ran into

The software seems to be made for real estate/property tours, and it was challenging at times to add in game like functionality that I desired having no control of state from room to room or way to manage an inventory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The story that I was able to tell, and the vastness of the areas to explore and be surprised.

What I learned

Innovative ways to use a product for a purpose other than it's original without the ability to alter code or provided functionality .

What's next for A World of Adventure

Perhaps a real game version with even more to see if I can get some feature requests added by the Viond team.

Built With

  • viond
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