My aunt was crippled by Parkinson's about a year ago, causing her to come all the way from California to live with my family in Missouri for a few months, so we could care for her. During her time with us, my family and I found that there were a LOT of things to keep track of: what medications she needed to take, how many medications she needed to take, when she needed to take those medications, how much exercise she was getting, how long she was sleeping, when her moods changed, and so much more. We wished there was a better way to keep track of everything and an easier way to see any progression/regression of her health.

What it does

It keeps track of the common, essential health habits that caretakers would need to keep track of for those with Parkinson's.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, and tears. Just kidding, it was only tears. No, but really, we used HTML and CSS for a skeleton framework and JavaScript to access the Google Charts API, which easily show trends in the data.

Challenges we ran into

First, because there's a lot, as freshmen computer science students who only had a background in C++ and Java, we first had to learn the essentials of web development through HTML and CSS. After learning all the tricks of the trade of front end (well almost), we had to learn how to implement APIs. Our greatest struggle came from reading and understanding the documentation of the Google Charts API and properly implementing it through JavaScript, specifically how to get the input from a form into the graph. Also, properly getting a free domain. One of us (I won't name any names...) forgot to press apply after entering in the coupon code. (sayonara $20!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the input from a form into the graph!! It was honestly a huge struggle, and we were up until 6 AM, before the euphoric moment of successfully implementing it.

What we learned

Use HTML and CSS to form the basics of a webpage and using JavaScript to implement an API.

What's next for A Walk in The Park(inson's)

This project is easily adaptable for so many other illnesses! Of course, you'd have to change the name lol. We'd also like to add a bit more functionality to the list, adding the ability to add and remove questions, as well as being able to input data for all the days of the week, and beyond.

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