What it does

RealMe Token is a blockchain-enabled platform that makes real estate investing accessible to the masses. We focus on tokenizing and fractionalizing individual properties through blockchain technology. Through this platform, users will have the ability to own fractions of properties, have decision-making power, make rental income, and track their appreciation over time. With tokenization, real estate investments can be made affordable to nearly anyone and be purchased from nearly anywhere in the world. A single token for a RealMe property costs $10, which is the lowest investment minimum the real estate industry is able to offer. Overall we want to change how illiquid real estate investments are and by tokenizing we can build a platform that can allow users to buy/sell tokens without the house being sold.

How we built it

Web 2 Infrastructure: The Web 2 infrastructure consists of the website and the platform. Web 3 Infrastructure. Legal Structure: all users are part of a limited partnership agreement to be co-owners of each property they purchase tokens of.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Finding a payment solution
  2. Picking the best blockchain
  3. Finding the right customer segment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Since the beginning of the project we have been able to accomplish the following:
  2. Launched our website
  3. Published RealMe Token white paper
  4. Launched our beta application and received 15K+ signups
  5. Tokenized two properties with proven POC
  6. 150 token holders
  7. Grew our social media to 14,000 followers and our Discord community to 8,000 members

What we learned

We’ve learnt that right now is the best time for our startup as the fear of a recession and market crash has scared many big investors. These investors want to stay active in the real estate market, but don’t want to take on the additional debt of a mortgage with these uncertain times. This solution is perfect for them to invest small amounts that they’re comfortable with at their own pace, and gain steady appreciation on their tokens. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market crash has shown that this industry requires a tangible asset to back the coins rather than speculation trading. By purchasing a RealMe token, you are becoming a co-owner of a tangible property rather than investing. Our users have told us that being a co-owner is a huge advantage for them vs. just investing into a property.

What's next for RealMe Token

We plan to continuously invest in our technology by bringing on more talent and working with professors to create our AI technology for home prediction using macro economic data points. These include previously sold home prices, square footage, neighbourhood stats, etc. We are also working on a mortgage backed stable coin, where investors can purchase coins pegged to a mortgage fund. Mortgages have been seen as one of Canada's safest assets but have only been available for purchase by institutional investors. With our coin, each will be pegged 1-1 with the Canadian dollar.

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