Aerial Vehicle Avoidance Notification Technique Guard

Flying has long been a fascinating topic, even before the first flight of the Wright brothers. Today, with tremendously dropping fares, air traffic is booming. But besides commercial aviation, the amount of hobbyist drones in the sky is increasing quickly.
Private drones however don’t have the modern collision avoidance technology commercial airplanes have. As airplane crashes are devastating, this requires a solution urgently.
Our Aerial Vehicle Avoidance Notification Technique Guard (short: A.V.A.N.T. Guard) provides this solution by accumulating air traffic data of the commercial aircrafts nearby to the operator of a drone. By leveraging virtual reality the A.V.A.N.T. Guard taps right into the cockpit of the drone operator: Visual cues of aircrafts nearby warn the user and in case of emergency alter the drones course to prevent a crash.
Thanks to A.V.A.N.T. Guard the absolutely dangerous problems of non-professionals crashing their drones into helicopters and airplanes can be effectively avoided. This is millions of lives potentially saved.

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