Mental health is becoming decreasingly stigmatized and more patients are starting to seek solutions to well-being. Music therapy practitioners face the challenge of diagnosing their patients and giving them effective treatment. We like music. We want patients to feel good about their music and thus themselves.

What it does

Displays and measures the qualities of your 20 most liked songs on Spotify (requires you to log in). Seven metrics are then determined:

  1. Chill: calmness

  2. Danceability: likeliness to get your groove on

  3. Energy: liveliness

  4. Focus: helps you concentrate

  5. Audacity: absolute level of sound (dB)

  6. Lyrical: quantity of spoken words

  7. Positivity: upbeat

These metrics are given to you in bar graph form. You can also play your liked songs from this app by pressing the play button.

How I built it

Using Spotify API to retrieve data for your liked songs and their metrics.

For creating the web application, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript were used.

React was used as a framework for reusable UI components and Material UI for faster React components.

Challenges I ran into

Learning curve (how to use React). Figuring out how to use Spotify API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For three out of the four of us, this is our first hack!

It's functional!

It looks presentable!

What I learned


API integration.

What's next for A Trebled Soul


Once everything's fine and dandy, registering a domain name and launching our app.

Making the mobile app presentable.

Built With

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