Inspiration > A eco-systemic strategic foresight reflexion and a future political strategy

Full vision in short version (in French) :

What it does > Stop mass unemployment and engage EU into an innovative, economic, societal and green resilience process.

The International Labour Organization foresees the loss of 12 million full-time jobs in Europe in 2020

Our EU TRAINING MARSHALL PLAN strategy echos what politicians have said they want to do: Ursula von der Leyen: "We now need to build a resilient, green and digital Europe" - "It is true, Europe needs a Marshall Plan for its recovery, ant it need to be put in place as soon as possible... The EU budget must be at the heart of this".

Christine Lagarde: "Covid-19 represent a new form of economic shock that cannot be tackled using the textbooks of the past". "We already see troubling signs...PM' index for employment registered a record fall".

Frans Timmermans: ‘We are in a climate and environmental emergency. The European Green Deal is an opportunity to improve the health and well-being of our people by transforming our economic model".

What it does > The TRAINING MARSHALL PLAN we advocate for consists of a mass investment in training that will impulse a virtuous eco-systemic dynamic:

1 - Make a smart use of confinement time (learn instead of being depressed watching Netflix)

2 - Save jobs by helping companies to keep their staff in activity, innovate and prepare their recovery together,

3 - Up-skill unemployed people to become "future-proof" and gain green competencies with a priority to circular, digital, creative, low carbon, care and knowledge-based economy.

4 - Create training jobs for independent workers, including in the digital, social and cultural domains which have skills in "learning by doing" and creative methods.

5 - Incubate via the training programs, innovative projects and economic models that will simultaneously impulse the recovery and shift the economy toward the Green New Deal.

6 - Strengthen regional, digital and green innovation ecosystems and accelerate the EU Transition.

7 - Give a chance to everyone to rethink their life project, rebuild capacities to contribute to the society in a positive way, and gain agency.

How we built it > an advocacy campaign toward EU and national politicians to adopt the plan and the prototyping of a digital platform on the Kassel Region as an implementation scenario that can serve as an example for other regions to:

  • Activate quickly the plan via existing regional management structures

  • Match training offers and demands at a regional level

  • Boost a new, creative and inclusive local training economy

  • Strengthen regional ecosystems, incubators, third-places, and connect them to the cultural field.

  • Engage locally the transition.

Challenges we ran into > digital development challenge, but knowing a proper development could not be done in 2 days.

Accomplishments that we're proud of > Translate a big idea into a concrete program

What we learned

Insights on advocacy possibilities, good feedbacks and a benchmark of existing online platforms and related EU programs that will help the design of our prototype with the Kassel region.

What's next for EU Training Marshall Plan and EU Resilience Lab > Prototype a training platform in the Kassel region and continue advocating toward EU and national politicians, hopefully with the help of the hackathon jury !

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