Many children are not aware of the many accomplishments made by women in history. We wan't to share their stories to inspire and empower children, especially girls to seek their passion.

What it does

Allows kids to interact with objects in VR, and learn about these accomplishments while also being entertained. The game lets people pick up objects, teleport, and visit new places related to a specific women and learn about their achievements.

How we built it

We built the game in Unity, imported free textures, prefabs, shaders, and materials from the asset store, imported models from maya and online. We used SteamVR to implement the game into the HTC Vive, and recorded audio with quicktime.

Challenges we ran into

We learned a lot about how to make games in VR. We had to overcome the steep learning curve of Unity, and write code in CSharp, a language we have never touched before. We're both freshmen, so programming experience and application is something that we lack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy with the finished product, and we managed to complete our project with the limited time that we were given. We are glad that the game incorporates education and fun into one package.

What we learned

We learned how to code in Csharp, use SteamVR, use Unity, work together as a team, and became more resilient by not giving up no matter how frustrated we were with a bug (we were working on a bug for 4 hours).

What's next for A Tour Through Women's History [VR]

We want to scale it up by adding more interactive objects, more rooms, and more stories. Also incorporating more VR features as the technology develops.

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