A+ Todo List

This todo app strips down task management into its bear essentials. An ordered list of tasks that can be easily deleted or archived. Nothing more, nothing less. If a thought were to come to mind easily note it down, set a day and you are ready to go with A+ Todo List app.


During the months of COVID quarantine, we found it harder and harder to keep on track of our daily tasks for school, work, and life. Out of the frustration we felt the need for a sense of accomplishment in our day as we completed our responsibilities of the day. From which we realized the inspiring power of striking through the day's tasks. From this inspiration came about the A+ Todo List app a sleek simple task managing app. Crossing out tasks is like winning the lottery. The achievement of completing our responsibilities is as great as great can be. We want to share victory with all and provide us with the A+ Todo List App.

How we built this

We build this app using our knowledge on backend development in Java and our understanding of UX/UI design principles.

App functions

These are the following functions available on the app right now. Adding tasks: Creating using the plus button on the bottom right Setting a date: Upon task creation the calendar icon helps with setting a date Submitting tasks: The plus icon that is in the dialog window adds the task to the list Changing tasks: Click on the task and edit text and date Rearranging tasks: Hold and drag the task to rearrange to you liking Deleting tasks: Swipe a task to the right to delete a task Archiving functions: Swipe a task to the left to delete a task Undo function: Upon deleting or archiving an undo function will appear at the bottom

What is next

For the nexts steps, we plan to include themes to fit the expressions for our users and to add a database to store your todo notes and make the application persistent.

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