A Ton of Monkeys is a suite of automated tools that allow you to do tasks that would normally require large amounts of manual work. Why waste time, when you can employ monkeys* to do the job for you instead?

When browsing the web, use the A.T.O.M. LiveClips bookmarklet to select web page content and save it to Evernote. You can easily clip or mask multiple parts of the page. A Ton of Monkeys will then automatically update your notes when changes are detected.

You can choose to save to Evernote as HTML or as a screenshot of the selected areas of the page.

To get started just login with your Evernote account, add the bookmarklet (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer) and start clipping.

A Ton of Monkeys was created in London by Dominic, Luke and Jim, aka BPM Logic.

*no real monkeys are used in this product.

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