A system that contains several sections according to users (doctors, patients, medical students, other people) The Doctors section contains a network in which doctors share their stories and the medical conditions that they encountered, and they can share these stories to the general public or to patients whose conditions are similar to these stories Each patient has his own file within the system that includes his condition, the doctors he visited and the history of his family's illnesses Clinics section includes the site and doctors, and people can evaluate clinics and see comments about them. The clinics section is the paid part of the system (contains managing bills, number of patients, reservations and reminding patients of them).

Increase health well-being via : Gathering doctors from all over the world through a single platform to share their stories and learn about the hardships faced by doctors from other countries. Ease of diagnosing the disease due to the presence of the profile and disease history of the individual and his family. Share learning stories or stories that happen within medical schools to medical students in the world.

The idea is in the implementation stage and I have actually built the website for the system, and there is nothing left but to upload it on the Internet and then build phone applications (Android and iPhone) Then marketing the project Our partners are doctors and medical schools The system has free parts and paid parts, such as the clinics section and advertisements for clinics and doctors

Lisk SDK uses in this system to :

  • secure healthcare data and process transactions. Keeping our important medical data safe and secure Security is a major issue in the healthcare industry

  • doctors and healthcare providers to share the same information quickly and safely

Lisk SDK will have a considerable impact on a patient’s:

  • record sharing
  • billing
  • medical research

There are multiple benefits of Lisk SDK in healthcare, such as:

  • A simplified approach to data
  • System interoperability
  • Efficiency
  • Control over the data

where Lisk SDK is using in this system ? in all set to transform the healthcare sector by decentralizing patient medical history, improving payment methods and tracking pharmaceuticals.  and Patient Data Management .

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