A Sustainable Cup. Everywhere. Everytime.

Eight Million paper cups a day are thrown away! This is an exaggerating amount of waste of a product no one really likes. Coffee drinkers generally aren't very fond of the paper cups. They're bad to handle, easy to spill and taste quite bad. Coffee stores aren't the biggest fans of paper cups either - they're expensive in stocking and delivery. SBB obviously hates these cups as they have to clean up trains and stations that are littered with them. So how can we solve the problems of all those stakeholders? With reusable cups. Made of bamboo or other natural materials they're neutral in taste and with a hard shell, they're harder to spill. As reusable cups are coming into the ecosystem on a regular basis, coffee stores have lower costs in stocking. SBB overall is happy because there's less trash to pick up. Well, the solution sounds to easy to be true. If it were that easy then why didn't no one do it already?

How are we solving the Problem?

Making reusable cups as easy for customers and as attractive to stores as disposable ones? Once the major pain points of using reusable cups are tackled they are naturally superior to the old ones.

What did we come up with?

We created a collection and washing system for cups including redistribution to have a circular ecosystem in which cups are reused and attractive to all stakeholders.

Cool stuff. But what did you actually code?

When people take a beverage to go, the place the cup is going to be purchased and the place the cup is going to be disposed of are most likely not the same. On a larger scale, this introduces a spatial imbalance between demand and supply for cups. We created an algorithm, that takes the known location of all cups registered (registered by QR Code on buy and collection) and the desired/needed amount of each node and proposes an efficient redistribution.

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