A Smarter System for EnergySmart

The problem we were inspired to solve

EnergySmart installs heat pumps and insulation into homes all around New Zealand, and they needed a sleek new system that empowered every user across the business to do their job better. The company was wasting thousands of dollars each month on an old app that didn’t even work properly. Every time a user tried to upload photos it would crash the entire system, the system was rife with duplicate data, wrong bookings were a big problem, and reporting was totally impossible.

EnergySmart had no visibility over staff activity, or any evidence to show the difference between work that was quoted by their assessors, and what was actually completed by their installers. They were flying blind, and the system wasted so much time, that to do certain basic tasks they’d often have to wait until late at night when nobody else was using the app, so that it didn’t crash. Basically, a worst-case scenario.

The solution we built

The web app is a site that’s gated behind HubSpot’s membership function for internal use, and is built on top of the HubSpot CRM and acts as a portal that allows different stakeholders to access and manipulate data without needing direct access to Hubspot. The app uses HubSpot’s membership function to control which information each user can see and update, and the app provides complex functionality using plenty of custom objects, serverless functions, and integrations to offer a platform that is truly mobile, fast and practical – perfect for their staff out in the field.

The results

As soon as EnergySmart started using their new system, they immediately saw the benefits in their daily work. Because the application uses HubSpot’s membership function, each team member – whether they are a customer service representative, a booking agent, an installer or an assessor, can only see the information they need to see to do their job. This keeps things simple for their staff, and decreases the risk of human error by providing a superbly easy-to-use, intuitive layout. The system also provides accountability, tracking each user’s activity in the system.

Added features like being able to fill out forms, take signatures, and take and upload photos that are saved back to HubSpot, mean that assessors and installers out on the job can do everything they need to do from an iPad. This fast, interactive system is empowering staff to get the job done more efficiently, and with less stress.

What we’re proud of

This new application does not just benefit the day to day users at EnergySmart – management can now make data-driven decisions with new visibility and valuable insights they’ve never been able to access before. Information like:

  • How many properties has an assessor been to this week?
  • How many square metres has an installer installed?
  • Did the assessor recommend the wrong amount of insulation?

With all this data, EnergySmart has a whole new perspective over every working part of the business, and this future-focused solution is taking their business to the next level.

What’s next for Energy Smart

Aside from making life easier for all their staff who are using the system everyday, EnergySmart now has a whole new range of reporting capabilities and access to new data and insights they’ve never had before, supporting better data-driven decisions. This application is taking EnergySmart into the future, by providing a sustainable, modular solution that they can build on as the business grows.

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