Inspiration came from the OpenAI when it was used to create the most known Github-CoPilot, it used the same GPT-3 engine at its core to make wonderful things a reality. Hence inspired by the same I created the VS-Code extension using the same GPT-3 engine but more for the school students and computer science undergrads.

What it does

It comprises of 6 major features:-

  1. Summarizing the given text.
  2. Semantic Search
  3. Language Translation
  4. Writing programming code using instructions in natural languages.
  5. A code editor extension that allows for code sharing and collaboration between different programming languages.
  6. A code editor extension that automatically generates documentation for all code functions and classes.

How we built it

We Build it using VS-Code extension and pure javaScript with a powerful server with high openings of larger scalability.

Challenges we ran into

Making a VS-Extension was really a challenge as there is not much content available on the internet from where we can watch and learn, we had to go through a regressive studying of its documentation available on the Microsoft website in order to bring this project into reality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All 6 functionalities that we have provided are something of which we are proud of, because many of those features are such features that are not even available on the internet neither implemented by anyone, those can become our USP in case we bring this project to an even larger scale.

What we learned

We have learned about GPT-3, OpenAI, VS-Code extension.

What's next for A Smart OpenAI VS-Code Extension

We are going to bring this whole project on the webpage with an elegant front-end soon, also planning to make this extension public on the VS-Code marketplace for free so that anyone can get access to this amazing product.

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