• Everyone has a story that is worth telling, and when in dire situations, a wish for products that make things better. As humans, we have a responsibility to help one another any way we can, and is what defines us in this society. Sears is no different, and with 'a sears wish' app, Sears would carry out a large mission to become aware of the diverse communities, deep story-telling, and cater to their different product needs. 'a sears wish' is not a store app... It is an exchange of life experiences, the wild imagination, and the human spirit to care for one another.

Target User

  • Everyone who has a great story to tell and share with others
  • Folks that need help within their communities (e.g. a teacher needing school supplies for the children)
  • People with a strong heart
  • People who value the products of being donated to folks, as opposed just cold-hard cashed where no one knows what's it being used for.

Key Features

  • View Story of the day
  • Browse a plethora of various stories from around the world
  • Authoring stories within the app
  • Search and filter/sort items, and add to a wishlist
  • Post the user's story and wishlist, for others to enjoy reading and want to donate
  • Karma point system for helping on another
  • Lookup item details for the person donating, so he/she can assess the impact it would have on the story-teller's situation
  • The ability to view top products that can be added to the wishlist
  • A slick and fluid UI
  • A universal app, that works on phone, and can be efficiently ported to desktop/tablets.
  • A back-end service was created that handles all of the story+user+karma+wishlist data.

Built With

  • azure
  • azure-mobile-service
  • c#
  • sears
  • sears-product-details-api
  • sears-top-seller-api
  • universal-app-sdk-(microsoft)
  • xaml
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