...we can help you with the third one :D Imagine yourself, traveling through the unfamiliar streets of La Rambla, Barcelona. You see around yourself, endless European cafes serving Italian espresso, new-world restaurants cooking with tomatoes, and vintage ice cream shops housed in gothic walls. How would you decide where to go? Easy! Pull out your phone and open the speedy and reliable A-Restaurant Finder app! Quickly, it displays restaurant names with their respective Google reviews rating, helping you choose your destiny!

How did we come up with this idea? What inspired us? It is simple: the unlimited possibilities of augmented reality. We hope that A-Restaurant Finder will become one of the stepping stones towards the future of augmented reality.

In creating this app, we faced many challenges and learned a lot from them. Challenges that we learned from: Difficulty utilizing AR kit to do what we want Learning new programming languages and frameworks Applying linear algebra and calculus to transform data Researching how to use existing API's

We built it with a Node.js Backend and a Flutter iOS Frontend. The main motivation for Flutter instead of Swift is to allow us to easily port the code into an Android environment if needed. Some of the main tools that we used are Google Places API and iOS ARKit plugin ported for Flutter. We used git to manage version control, heroku for server hosting, and postman to test the communication with the server. We are especially proud of the completeness of the project in that the current available functionalities at a production level standards. We used the backend to handle the api calls to keep the API key safe and to open the doors for potential data analytics such as user traffic. Having a separate backend also makes the project much more organized.

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