I've always been inspired by Tony Stark and his high tech, wacky holograms, and I wish that that tech was available to help us out today! I also have friends who are construction workers and my sister is a civil engineer, so I figured I could really help them out with this tool.

What it does

My project allows construction workers to visualize 3D models in the field so they know how to install various equipment more easily.

How I built it

I'm using a game engine to handle the 3D rendering, and an AR API to handle the image tracking. Finally, I'm using android to run it on my device!

Challenges I ran into

API versioning, porting to Android, and time constraints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that I was able to put my design and "hardware" skills to the test. This project isn't 100% digital because it exists in the real world!

What I learned

I learned how to code simple interactions in AR and how to cut cardboard without hurting myself :D

What's next for A.R.chitect

I'm going to test it on real construction workers to find the features they value most.

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