National accrediting and blood organizations recognize the need to apply business intelligence to transfusion medicine to improve patient outcomes, reduce risks and control costs.

In the regulated, managed care world, the PBMS offers health care customers accurate, reliable and trustworthy business intelligence to ensure that hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers appropriately utilize transfusion resources as well as provide safe, efficient and effective transfusion medicine services.

What it does

Predicated upon our published performance outcomes benchmarking patent US 8662656 B2 as well as a proprietary software application with an intuitive user interface, the PBMS can benchmarking performance outcomes for transfusion medicine services as well as create and manage feedback reports for the benchmarking process. More particularly the PBMS can acquire primary data at the source, compile the data in an analytically meaningful manner for benchmarking, prepare web-based reports and maintain and manage cumulative historical data and reports.

How we built it

We received cooperation from several Texas hospitals that helped us define the specifications for the data transfer needed to combine data from the hospital information system (DRG), the laboratory information system (lab results with time date stamp), and blood bank (type and amount of blood issued with time and date stamp). We built an ETL that sorts through the lab results and finds the one closest to the blood transfusion to determine the hemoglobin peri-transfusion. The dashboards were built with user experience from pathologists and blood bank managers.

Challenges we ran into

The initial ability and willingness of the hospitals to execute a data transfer each quarter. The ETL which required transforming incoming data from many-to-one lab records, many-to-one blood product records, and one patient record with summary data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system is unique in combining lab results and blood use for benchmarking purposes.

What we learned

Chief of pathology and blood bank manager objectives are not always aligned with chief financial officer objectives for better patient blood management.

What's next for A Proprietary Patient Blood Management System (PBMS)

  • PBMS curation to refine the clinical and cost databases as well as the performance benchmarks
  • Scale-up of the PBMS to support product marketing and sales

Built With

  • proprietary-business-intelligence-(analytical)-software
  • tableau
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