a plant

a plant is a simulation where a group of players start off with a sprout and take turns watering to nurture it into a fully-fledged plant. The players must work together, as each player does not have enough water to grow the plant before it withers.

We hope that players can enhance their friendship by growing a plant together.


We wanted to make a project involving correspondence to highlight distant connections. Our inspiration was drawn from the older times where the Internet was not so prevalent, and many friends and acquaintances would communicate via email (the root of the world 'correspondence' is 'involving writing letters).

We decided to make a simple planting simulator as it is relaxing and therapeutic, and does not require much attention while still allowing players to work together.


Made using the Unity game engine with C# and built with WebGL. All illustrations were done in Photoshop.


We knew time would be a challenge, so we wanted to keep the project simple. Regardless, we ran into many problems caused by time-trouble.

Getting the network to run was challenging since we had little experience with SQL. As the deadline was approaching, we ended up creating a local server using JSON.

We weren't familiar with some of the Unity features and the interface – we knew it would be a compromise for faster UI design. Nonetheless, we chose Unity in favour of a web application (JavaScript) and Python (using PyGame).

what's next

We would like to be able to run our game properly on a web server, where friends will be able grow a plant together no matter where they are.

We would also want to add more features to the game - more plants, fertilisers, a greenhouse 'gallery', and more!

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