I have seen multiple pathfinding algorithm projects so I decided that it would be a good project to do over the weekend.

What it does

This pathfinding algorithm visualizes the shortest path between two nodes on a grid. The user can insert barriers to alter the path between the points.

How we built it

Using visual studios, I used pygame to code the visualization, and use python to code the algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

Coding the pygame visualization was the bread and butter part of the project for me, while the Algorithm required me to use a little more python knowledge and understanding to build.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I believe that coding a visualization of a pathfinding algorithm with a decent visualization is a great accomplishment considering the time frame of this hackathon.

What we learned

I learned many new skills in python that allowed me to build the actual algorithm for this project.

What's next for A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Adding new features like a time limit and additional variables in finding the path would really take this project to the next level.

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