The world is all about balance. Also when it comes to energy. Creating the balance between production and consumption is crucial to solve one of the biggest problems humanity faces now. That's why we kick-started our process with understanding what do real people need while trying to solve this mystery. As our case for the Hackathon, we are focusing on Paula, an energy plant manager and Lena, a consumer.

Here is our plan towards sustainability and decarbonisation:

  • Awareness: create awareness about production and consumption trends
  • Logic: let the users internalise the working logic of the loop
  • Action: give them meaningful actions to realise what they learnt
  • Perception: change the perception towards energy from being a utility into being an activator and value

What it does

Paula, the plant manager, uses our dashboard to overview the energy production, with the ability to drill down to power plants and renewables. She also has access to the energy demand, both historical data and future projections. These two sets of data is meaningful together and enables us to provide her meaningful actions - before things get into trouble. She will be more proactive and productive. Last but not least, she can have an overview on the grid and equipment health. This is crucial as she can proactively take action on possible issues.

Meanwhile, Lena can view her energy consumption, the cost and she can drill down into details such as the devices she has or the percentage of renewable energy she used. She receives smart suggestions based on the status of energy production and her usage habits. We motivate her to become more green utilising gamification, by comparing her with her peers and giving her 'green' badges.

By doing so, we make sure that the eternal loop in between energy production and consumption work hand-in-hand and in balance.

How we built it

We used Predix services along with some custom development for the user interface. We utilised Predix machine to push data to Predix Cloud together with the data sources provided by Predix team and Open Weather. GeoServer was another tool we incorporated to the solution to show plant schematics.

Challenges we ran into

Due to networking issues on the boat, we had challenges to get data flowing to Predix Cloud properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to come up with a solution that connect the professional world to the consumers. We believe any change we do in energy plants will and need to have an impact on daily lives of people and vice versa.

What we learned

We learnt how to use different Predix services to build an application.

What's next for A New Mindset: Energy Balance

We need take the following steps to have a sustainable and lovable service:

  • In-Depth discovery: understand the user needs, pain points and tech capabilities better
  • Concept design and Validation: test the initial concepts with target users
  • Development: add analytics in the cloud and at the edge to support different use cases, and extend the solution to include transmission and distribution.
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