Main goal is to stop and eradicate those annoying and illegal Robocalls. Problem with any one solution comes that an anti-solution is quickly found to counteract it. Similar to the arms race where one creates bigger guns in hope that this will solve the problem there truly never exists the biggest gun available. And unless you can eradicate the problem from the source this will always remain a problem to overcome.

This means that to completely remove robocalls one needs to remove the individuals and groups creating the systems who misuse technology for the purpose of illegal calls by removal of their equipment, to possible fines and even jail time. As another analogy if there are no drug dealers then there can be no drugs sold.

To some affect this is true, but that will not prevent those who are willing to take the risk for the quick and easy profits it creates. Then how does one go about it? With the addition of the statement before one needs to then have an integrated system (comprising of technology changes and set groups) that will allow for quick and easy capture of those abusing the system. It also entails creating standards of communication systems for the providers of telecommunication systems to the final user at the end with his or her phone in hand. Some of these systems can be implemented rather quickly while others will take an investment of time and updating of the current technological infrastructures that exist.

Since there may be differences as to how every company operates and not a published standard exists publicly my proposal will outline the way to implement these changes from a generic stand point to a technical one. It will outline many approaches which may or may not be feasible but these can be reformed upon working with the different groups involved. As far as a multidisciplinary approach, what does that mean and entail? What gave me the idea is the fact that I injured myself very bad. The doctors have said not just one speciality doctor will be able to fix the problems I face and endure but a group of specialists under one roof with many different specialities. This is how I plan to help begin the process to bring about the solution which will bring an end to the eradicating of these nuisance calls. A system which operates under one roof which will not only prosecute but also have the technological tools to provide the final solution. It will also require modifications or add-on devices to the current system to provide the final end solution.

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