We were inspired by the paintbrush that artists use in any image editing software and thought what if we created a special textured AI-supported paintbrush

How we built it

we used Style transfer algorithm recursively to generate our art pieces

Challenges we ran into

1- Art is not only a math problem that needs optimization and there is no right answer so in training the model we hope for the pleasing result but cannot guarantee it 2- training the model takes time that we don't have so we used a pre-trained network and continued training it also if the network gained an unwanted behavior it's not easy to correct it 3-The local machine computation power

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our result in this short period of time and our lack of experience in image processing

What's next for "A meaning in randomness"

Create an automated model to create this style of art to be used as a tool with image editing software

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