Being tackled with assignments, school work, and outside drama, we needed an escape. We needed an alternate universe where we could run to and push all our problems to the side. But wait... what if this is possible!? Can it really be true!? If we could manipulate a virtual reality to take us to our happy place, it would work wonders for our mental health!

What it does

a-MAZE-ing VR takes you to a world where you're haunted by your nightmares. Dreams do not exist, this is the reality of our life. Evil lurks at every corner... but there is a way out. Get to the end, escape the terrors, and survive. A heart racing, frightening place, where getting out is the least of your worries. a-MAZE-ing VR lets you face your fears at every corner.

How we built it

Using the incredible game engine of Unity, we were able to create a virtual world to place the player. Connecting the Samsung Gear VR, players can experience a whole new world. Scripts were written in C#, some assets were taken from Unity Asset Store because our expertise in coding does not correlate to our skills in creating realistic, horror filled monsters.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to use Oculus but according to our extensive Google research and testing, apparently it could not run on any of our wonderful pieces of mobile technology (our laptops). Thankfully, we were able to get a Samsung Gear VR to work on our idea. Most of our problems really occurred with asset sharing through git/github. Since many of us were working on different components of our game we created our own little test scenes which caused us to have problems when trying to merge our now working local components to the master branch. Not fun trying to figure out errors from 3D models when you're not even really sure how these 3D models are made.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were really excited when we got the game up and running on the Samsung Gear VR. Having essentially no knowledge of working with a virtual reality headset, it was extremely fun to be put right in the middle of our project. Being able to play around with a world we created and just honestly having fun were some of our proudest accomplishments.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Virtual Reality. How VR works, how it can be set up, and it's capabilities. VR has a fascinating future and I can't wait to see what that future holds. We built upon our previous Unity/Game development knowledge which is a major plus. Being able to use, and evolve our previous knowledge is an amazing thing to do.

What's next for a-MAZE-ing VR

Making a-MAZE-ing VR a more immersive world is it's most immediate future. Developing the environment and surroundings, so it feels almost real to the player is a real goal of ours.

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