The Living Tree project brings photos and family trees to life, with the power of Augmented Reality and Text-To-Speech! Simply scan a photo from the family tree (see http://ScanED.NET for a sample) to learn more about that individual! We have used official public domain photos of recent presidents and their families as examples, but this can easily be expanded to family photos with custom biographies for each. Choose your own family photos and what biographical information to display and speak for each photo! Create a Living Family Tree that speaks for every generation!

By leveraging high technology and embracing mobile technology, Augmented Reality, and Text-To-Speech, The Living Family Tree project brings genealogy and history to the next generation. It's a great, entertaining, educational, and high-tech way to learn about one's family... and to be able to brag as well!

See http://ScanED.NET for a sample Family Tree poster (or if that doesn't work)

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