Small, intimate concerts are the new trend of 21-century music scene. Concert goers constantly seek exclusive experiences in an intimate setting. Musicians get to take a break from the bar scene and experiment, interact, and explore new ideas with their audience. Local music communities get to support local musicians, discover new musical talents, and experiment with new venues. These small, intimate concerts present themselves as perfect opportunities to experiment new artistic fronts as both musicians and audience have particular appetite for: surprise, interaction, and unique experiences.

What it does

The A-LIVE! Platform is built to augment the intimate concert experience by incorporating sounds and motion from artists and audience inviting everyone to co-create a one-of-a-kind, not replicable, live visual and sound art piece

ALIVE system will:

  • Reinforce the story that musicians look to tell and provide visible feedback from audience
  • Allow everyone to take part in co-creation of art and music experiences
  • Provide inclusive experience for differently-abled people

At the end of the show, people can take a piece of the unique artistic fingerprint of the live music journey they just co-created in digital or physical formats, empowering musicians as they take the memory with them.

How we built it

The project is developed by Unity with:

  • MIDI Controller: to capture musicians' notes
  • Leap Motion: to capture performers' motion (like a dancer)
  • Kinect for Windows: to capture the audience's clapping

Challenges we ran into

Doing research on the intimate concert scene. Sofar was kind enough to allow us entry to a concert in the evening to gather insights from all the stakeholders, which is reflective in the design of our product

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our thorough research helped demystify certain assumptions we made. By attending a Sofar concert experience, and from the interviews we performed with the artists, audience, and facilitators, we discovered a few latent needs. First, artists desire to experiment in these environments, and to gain quality insights from their audience. The audience, who engage with these intimate experiences, also crave an authentic, and personalized experience.

Technologically, we were able to simulate inputs from both the artist and audience. Motion and sound from the audience and MIDI inputs from the artist’s instruments create a unique visual experience that cannot be replicated. This visual collaborative creation can be shared across the participants both digitally and physically.

What we learned

  • Unique persuasive cues that can draw audience engagement
  • Multi-user feedback system for artist-audience co-creation

What's next for A-LIVE!

  • Development of our final hardware, software product, and service packages we can provide
  • Research on potential visuals that can be integrated into different forms of artistic practice

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