What makes genealogy so much fun? Making a true connection to an ancestor. Dates and names can only get you so far when making that connection. A picture or a story can strengthen that bond and bring it to life.

In the past 10 years Blogging has almost replaced journal keeping entirely. With well over 2 million blog posts written per day, stories about you and your loved ones are being continually recorded. Whether your posts are about funny things your kids said, a wedding, a first lost tooth, or even what you dreamed about last night, these stories are what make you, you.

The A Life Story android app bridges your Blog posts and your facebook photos into your family tree. With a few simple clicks, A Life Story will transfer your stories and pictures to your family tree. Making it easy for future generations to discover and make that connection with you and those you blog about. After all, thats what makes genealogy so much fun! You have already written these stories. They are recorded. Let A Life Story do the rest.

See it in action here

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