À la Mod is inspired by our experiences in high school physics. Too often we have needed better ways to communicate beyond just plaintext, and current chat clients don't offer great solutions. With À la Mod, while you are trying to explain a physics problem, you can start in your regular plaintext chat with your friend. Then you decide you want to draw out the problem, and use a shared whiteboard to visualize the problem. To write out associated equations, you download a Latex module and now your chat supports different mathematical symbols. Maybe, you want to simulate your problem with a program and use our collaborative code module to develop it. Whatever you need to express, a related module can be available.

The idea behind À la Mod is to allow developers to create interfaces and protocols that can be implemented into our chat and our module store. In this respect, À la Mod has no particular target user, as developers can extend our client to fit their own views. The only implemented modules are those agreed upon by the participants in a conversation. However, we decided to create a few initial modules that we think are suited toward those interested in STEM fields.

À la Mod gives you your chat, your way.

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