Part-time traveller, Full-time food lover. Need to say more?

What it does

A La Carte finds great locations for our users to stop at along their journey whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop, bar or small town diner. We want to promote local businesses and help our users find "hidden" treasures along their route that are waiting to be discovered!

How we built it

We built A La Carte using the Sails.js web app framework. In order to find restaurants along a route, we used the google directions api to return us an encoded polyline object which gave us information about the coordinates that lie along the route. We then used these coordinates to call the yelp api in order to return us the necessary information for the search results.

Challenges we ran into

It was Natalie's first experience building a web app and John's first experience with using Sails.js and Node.js, so it took a long time to learn the frameworks.

What's next for A-La-Carte

Lots of road trips with lots of good food!

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