We LOVE games! So we want to make a SIMPLE, FUN and ADDICTIVE game inspired in all the values of A Thinking Ape.

What it does

It brings happiness! \o/

A Jumping Ape is a infinity jumper game, we create a casual game to the player spend lots of time having fun and trying to break his own record.

In the game, you are the A thinking Ape, you jump over the bananas for happiness! But, since your are a intelligent guy, you are also able to jump on brains to get an even higher score! Try it! You just have to JUMP, JUMP, JUMP...

In the future, the A Jumping Ape will also presents you puzzles to boost your score! No one can wait to see it!!! =D

How we built it

Day 1 - Our first task was to choose the challenge and team up. Well, that was not hard for this group. Everyone is a game addicted and got interested in the A Thinking Ape challenge at first sight.

After grouping up different skills needed for the game(front-end developers/back-end developers and a designer) we started to interact, meet each other and brainstorm about the ideas for the game.

After a few hours we were all on the same page, everyone wanted to build a simple and fun game with the A thinking ape values!

The greatest IDEA: A infinity jumper game!

A infinity jumper game was the most interesting idea that came up into our minds, since it is the kind of the game that is possible to well balance the developers and designers responsibilities and achieve a possible great result in a short time.

Together, we decided the tools that would make everyone comfortable and would make the biggest profit in the Agile development. Trello, Git, Django, Unity3D and some more...

The concepts were drawed, mockups and wireframes were made to make the idea tangible and guide the development.

Day 2 - COOOOOOOODEEEEE and drawing, of course. The day to make things happen. More brainstorm about the features and game balance were considered together by the team. We constantly redefined the priorities in our Kanbam board.

Dia 3 - Time to integrate our work to show to the company. A lot of integration and game balance was made. Scene integrations, merge requests, server integration and fine adjustments to make the final build.

Designing Process: link

The tools used:

  • Trello for the managment of tasks
  • Git/git flow to have an advantage when merging and swiching to different versions of code
  • Unity3D as the Game Engine
  • Monodevelop, Visual Studio and Eclipse as IDEs
  • Designer tools like: ZBrush, Maya, Arnold, Keyshot, HDR Light Studio, Photoshop, TexturePacker, Illustrator, After Effects e Adobe Premiere
  • Server Side: Django, Django Rest Framework.

And a lot of team collaboration!

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to build a team with 4 guys who have never seen before, and make them work 48 hours together to create a new game. Second was work completely remote, the challenge here was how to manage the team to keep it focused in the job. Work with a team with different levels and skills. Ran over many Technical difficulties Time!!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We decided it would be interesting if we could control the GameBalance elements directly on the server, to make it dynamic. Thus, the client application in Unity, make the request using the API built and loads the data to use them in the game. In the future, you can use different settings of GameBalance for different levels of gameplay.

What we learned

A lot of teamwork, collaboration and patience! Besides that, we did a lot of research to learn new game mechanics, interactions between different technologies, and learned that working hard and keeping it positive, we can achieve great results in a short time. We think the great lesson is no matter the technology we used, learning remains.

What's next for A Jumping Ape

Now we will plan the next steps, which includes:

  • Ranking System
  • In-app purchase, you will be able to continue in a big jump fall.
  • Smarter pattern generator to a more fluid item respanw
  • Customization of the elements like characters and background images
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Math Puzzles that appear during the jump to give you a big fly boost! (Your are A Thinking Ape, right?)

And some other elements to make the game more attractive and dynamic!

That would be much better if we could make these improvements together with A Thinking Ape company!

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