World's First A.I. Based Gym

We’re building a gym that uses computer vision to track your workouts, and machine learning to plan your workouts.

Each workout is designed specifically for you, based on your body type, workout preferences, and fitness level.

80% of Gym Users Quit in the first 5 Months

People join wanting to lose weight, look better, and feel healthier. They leave, feeling like they failed, and broke a promise to themselves.

The #1 reasons people quit are:

-- 1) Users don’t know what to do when they get to the gym,

-- 2) They don't feel a sense of progress or success,

-- 3) They expect faster results, and feel discouraged when results take time

Our product helps create a sense of progress, and helps you feel a sense of achievement every time you workout.

Built for Scale

WeWork grew to a $45 billion valuation in 8 years, proving a location-based startup can scale quickly. We're going to build the world's first "Smart Gym" in San Francisco, then scale to hundreds of locations around the world.

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