Nowadays the requirement for drones is getting high. The Budget for Drone Development has increased. The Drone is Used for Multifunction Purpose. Many The drone I made is for Defence purposes. The Drone will supply small medical kits during the Emergency Condition. The Drone has also considered various factors of safety. The Drone not only used for delivery purposes but also for security purposes too. The Drone has object Detection Features that will detect unwanted Material that comes in between the traveling time. The image will be taken and send to the Defence system and also there are other features like obstacles detection, webcam detection, video detection, image detection. The material used in the Drone makes it safe from bad weather conditions. Various simulation software is used to make this design. The Drone uses both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Because of design, the Drone experiences fewer Drag forces Accomplishment And Awards for This Design Winner in National Soft-Tech Winner Features of Project Foldable Wings for handling Different conditions Light Weight Materials like Nylon 6/6 and carbon composite High Speed Trust producing brushless motors. Waterproof system Object Detection system Image Detection System Both Supervised and Unsupervised M.L algorithms are used Total weight is about 6kg(considering 1kg +0.5kg pay load + 0.125kg FOS ) Distance 1.2km

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