It's not always easy to find a reliable college guidance counselor. As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, this task has become even more difficult as students shifted to virtual mode of learning and in-person interactions have been restricted to certain extent.

What it does

(A)IGO2COLLEGE is a web-application designed to help students stay on top of the college application process in the absence of a college guidance counselor. It answers general questions including but not limited to ACT/SAT score requirements of different colleges,academics, tuition and fees, college application requirements, etc.

How we built it

We used html+css to style and design the website,javascript to handle backend of the chatbot and Wit.ai as the brains of the whole web application. The javascript makes calls to the wit.ai server which returns the parsed text with its respective categorisations in terms of entities, traits and intents.

The dataset was hand-collected from various websites including those listed in the references and is to our best of knowledge.

Challenges we ran into

The journey from start was a real challenge for us.

  • We had new members joining in and then quitting mid-way of project ideation.
  • Both of us had almost none experience with Web development. We took it as a challenge and taught ourselves web-dev in ~1 week of coding process.
  • The dataset collection was hard because not all universities post out their data on their sites so had to be referred from other independent sites.
  • Getting a well-trained model while maintaining good accuracy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy how the site came out. We didn't want the conventional chatbot UI so we went for a design which was easy to use and both of us hadn't really seen before. Also the steep learning curve was amazing for us.

What we learned

We learned how to use Wit.ai. We realised how easy it is to integrate wit.ai to our app and plan to use in a future project. We also learned how to work remotely on a project which is a skill hugely relevant in these times.

What's next for (A)I Go2 College

  • Scale it for our mobile users.

  • Expanding our database with more universities, including liberal arts colleges and community colleges and adding info like what all majors are provided by the universities.

  • Making the app more personalised by providing an interactive dashboard for each user and giving analysed results for what university they should apply to given their scores and achievements.

  • Choice to link accounts with third party apps like google calendar or facebook to set reminders for important dates.


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