We like death metal, artificial artists, and neural synthesis. It's CMW, and Canada has the fastest tech death bands in the world.

What it does

Generates albums in the style of a band, including music, song titles, album art, and a music video.

How we built it

We trained a 66-million-parameter LSTM neural net on a Canadian Death Metal band Aepoch (with their consent). The network spit out 10 hours of generated music.

We use neural style transfer to generate the album cover.

We used markov chains to generate song titles.

We also generated a music video using Cloudinary.

We also used audio style transfer to fuse Voivod with Canadian Jazz.

Challenges we ran into

Automating the curation of large amounts of generated material is difficult. We used human curation to choose the good output for the album.

In the Media

Witnessing Gen Z-style innovation at the Canadian Music Week 2018 Hackathon

Canadian Music Week's Hackathon | Daily Planet | Discovery

The fully episode | Daily Planet | starts at 22:00 | gotta sign in

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