Humorous Twitter bots like AmIRite bot and TwoHeadlines.

What it does

Scrapes meals from the Carleton Dining Halls menus and posts about how delicious it looks.

How we built it

Used tweepy to connect with Twitter APIs and beautifulsoup and lxml to parse the data scraped from the Carleton website using requests. Made text files of words to populate tweet formula.

Challenges we ran into

Web scraping took a long time because the Carleton Dining Hall website is not formatted in an easily parsable way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's pretty funny!

What we learned

How to make a Twitter bot, how to scrape a website, how to upload and run a program from a remote server.

What's next for A Hungry Carl // Twitter Bot

Interactivity with DMs, more complex tweet algorithm.

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