Twitch integration games Gaming (Enter the Gungeon)

What it does

A multiplayer survival platformer game based on the 4 elements implementing the Twilio API to receive instructions from players via WhatsApp which affect the environment of the game. The instructions provided lead to 4 different kinds of natural disasters which deal damage to the games main player.

How I built it

Twilio Integration We integrated Twilio using their Python API using 2 scripts to send and receive messages to the user. Using the web framework flask to listen for messages and we then used the python script to process the incoming data. The outgoing messages use Twilios CLI to send messages to the user.

Unity We build the remainder of our game using the Unity Game Engine

Challenges I ran into

Creating something in a new language from scratch Tricky Unity to Twilio integration

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tornado particle effects Learning a new language (C#) and environment (Unity)

What I learned

Twilio API, C# and Unity

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