My idea for minimising mosquitoes on campus, is a simple solution. It involves upgrading our native gardens around the high pedestrian traffic zones around campus with more "mosquitoe repellent" plants that are native in Australia and New South Wales. Some of these plants include: Citronella, Lemon grass and Leptospermum species, and gardens should be improved to have higher clusters of these plants to improve their efficiency for blocking mossies. In turn with students and staff social distancing to keep clusters of people from being in the same area, could have a positive relationship with the plants repelling the mosquitoes. Upgrading these gardens will also have a positive influence on students and encourage them to be outside on campus and use of social areas. This solution will also be highly cost effective, as the university have labour in place for horticulture and maintenance, as well as these plants being highly robust and low maintenance. An overhaul of our native gardens will also make the campus a greener, more eco-friendly, and pleasent for the senses, increasing everyones experience. Challenges that are regarding this solution is the time interval for progress and is not garunteed. Using these plants to our advantage wont be an overnight solution but rather a lengthy process that will most likely be season. However, these challenges are easily overcome with the right knowledge and experience. This solution is easy, environmentally safe, and could be a good community project for students to get involved with. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Cheers.

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