Hey, what is this Hawk The Sports thing?

As a group of people interested in sports we are underwhelmed by the current Laurier Athletics page, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a new, modernised look for all things Laurier sports.

Also, get the pun? Hacks, hawks. Hehe.

Ok, but what does it do?

Hawk The Sport is a website prototype that gives a glimpse into the potential final product. The website introduces Laurier students to the different sport offerings at their uni, providing information on the teams as well as exercises for that sport.

There is a "Routines" sections in which users can find sets of exercises to do at the gym (or at home!), as well as a "News" page where the latest reports about Laurier sports would be posted.

Sports, exercise routines and news are just the tip of the iceberg of what HTS can become!

I hear you used Figma

We did! We used Figma's tools to build the website, including FigJam for brainstorming and the design platform for building the prototype. We found figma was a very powerful tool for developing designs like this one, and it felt very intuitive and ready-made for to portraying our own idea.

Did you find any difficulties?

Even if most of us had already used Figma before in other projects, we still had to learn how to create dynamic sections for our page, as well as designing intuitive icons for every section in the page tree. At the same time, we also took a long time to brainstorm an initial idea, but FigJam really helped with that.

I bet you've got something you really liked

We are happy we were able to create a good design, and that we were able to implement some color theory into it while also staying close to the theme of Laurier sports, as it has a very distinct scheme to it. The theme we picked up also helped us build a big tree-like design, with sections for every different sport.

And the lessons learnt along the way?

After this project, we feel we have a bigger understanding of Figma and FigJam, and with them, we can create nice visual schematics. At the same time, it also got us closer as a team, because we structured our work-to-do with task division, which made it so that we were able to adhere to the time constraint we were given.

Built With

  • figma
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