Just last week, my cousin was bullied in school because of her grades. In fact, my cousin has a learning disability: Dyslexia, or the disorder that causes difficulty in learning to read or interpret words. I never knew there is even such a disability. What does it mean? Is it the same thing as me being impatient in class and turns out to not learn anything at all? This question bothered me. So, I did some research. What it meant to have dyslexia surprised me. I realized there are a lot more people in this world who don't understand dyslexia like I was; I realized there are a lot of people who don't understand what it means to have a disorder, like how I thought about dyslexia at first. So, I contacted my teammates that joined me in the hackathon today, to help spread the knowledge of these disabilities, to help the majority of people to take “a glimpse of the unknown”.

What it does

As a choice-based interactive app, the choices you make can affect the ending and how the app goes. There are buttons to interact with, and each button represents a different choice. In this app, there are also chapters. Because of the lack of time, only one chapter is completed. In this chapter, there are 4 scenes, which are all inspired by the real experiences of colorblind people.

How we built it

We planned how the app would work in a google doc and mapped out the interface in google slides. We used photoshop to create all the art for this app(except the colorblind test, which was a photo online, a reference link is included in the video presentation). All the programming is done with java in Eclipse and IntelliJ using JavaFX.

Challenges we ran into

How to execute the idea was challenging. we discussed all day long on how to exactly bring out the idea! Also, for art, time is the major challenge. How can we produce almost twenty pieces of art in 24 hours, not including the coding and planning phases? Finally, we decided on the style we use now, reducing quality to fit quantity. the greatest challenge is coding because it’s our first time using JavaFX to program. So we had to learn while we coded.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we created an app that users can make decisions that impact the storyline, the fact we have a working colorblind test in the view of an actual colorblind person, and the fact that we are able to complete everything in a day!

What we learned

First of all, we learned to know our limits. We mapped out three chapters, each focused on a disorder/disability/deficiency. However, we were only able to finish Chapter 1: Unseen because of time constraints. second, we learned how to incorporate images with text on a GUI with JavaFx. and lastly and most importantly, we learned more about the disabilities not known to people, and we are hoping our app can help others to learn them too!

What's next for A Glimpse to the Unseen

we are planning on 6 main improvements: 1. a settings system. this settings system could be used to adjust volume, charter size, etc. 2. a functioning menu. right now, even though we have a menu, it does not function. 3. add a voice line. there is no background music or voice acting, but we hope if time allows, we can add in the voices. 4. better animation. our drawings and animations are rather rushed and do not demonstrate our art skills. if time allows, we will definitely improve the art. 5. more plot. we only have chapter 1 of the plot, and that is not enough! lastly, 6. more choices. because of the lack of time, the choices are all rather quick and do not affect the plot as much as we wanted.

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