Today we live in a society where trash is collected on a strict route. What if there was a way to efficiently collect trash and save money on fuel and other resources.

What it does

Using our website users can monitor the levels of the a trash can and using our algorithm and APIs we provide them with the best an efficient route to take.

How we built it

We used an Intel Edison to monitor the thermal footprint left by trash in different dumpsters, and by using temboo and google sheets, we processed the data using SQL queries. We took that data and then displayed it in the google maps API to accurately make a route. This route can be used by garbage collection men in the mornings and is highly needed a suburban areas.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into is that we were having issues with the hardware specifically Arduino 3rd party boards not having libraries and connecting it to the software part of the hack. Another big problem is that connecting the hardware to a database is very frustrating mainly because all examples use expensive WiFi or Ethernet shields whereas we bought Arduino compatible boards with built in WiFi. Those types of boards have barely any documentation for connecting mySQL or Temboo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making an application like this in 24 hours and also working with things we weren't that comfortable with when we first got there.

What we learned

We learned about time management a lot and also version control when managing our code. Also, our hardware hacker learned about MySQL. Our Backend programmer learned what real hardware hacking is like. Our CSS and designer programmer knows more about JavaScript but, more importantly, got hands on experience with the Maps API

What's next for A Garbage Idea

In the future we hope to polish the website more and contact government agencies and set up subscription services with them in order to generate revenue and keep the company running.

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