Everyone knows about Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. These popular card games have been entertaining people of all sorts for the last couple of years.

In true hacker tradition, we did something very typical of these sort of events by taking this type of game and making it something that could be played wirelessly, with friends from all over the world. But that was only one part of what we hoped to achieve.

What we as a team set out to accomplish was to refine these games by making each round of play a much more personal experience.

Instead of playing with random nouns printed on cards, our product, a Game of Friends, gives each player a hand of cards, each representing a mutual friend of the group. These cards are then applied, in a similar fashion to various, and often humorous categories, such as "Most Likely to be Wearing Crocs Right Now." The cards chosen by each of the players is sent to one rotating judge, who chooses the mutual friend he or she feels best fits the category.

By doing this, we have created a game that is not only very entertaining, but also incredibly personalized to each of the individual players.

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