Inspiration Behind Product:

Mike's mother is a dental hygienist and she often complains about how a simple procedure like probing takes up majority (20/45 minutes) of her clinic appointments due to her having to take measurements, transcribe, take measurements, transcribe....

What it does

The Pronto Probe is an innovated version of the periodontal probe, used to evaluate gum disease progression. The Probe itself works on the mechanism of hydraulic pressure, with an extendable measuring pin, that once hits the pit of the gum pocket, will retract. The probe will automatically take the measurement, store it, send it to the computer where the patient's tooth chart is, and will show a visual color-coded representation of teeth that are healthy (1-3mm deep), at risk (4-5mm), and infected (<6mm). The color coded representation allows for the dentist to quickly look at which teeth are in need of treatment, rather than having to read numbers.

How I built it

The Python program was centered around creating a visual interface for the dentist to look at, this was inspired by medical records that a doctor/dentist would like that contains key information which is visually represented so that the physician can get all the information they need with a glance.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges with CAD was assigning the different colours to the teeth in a visual manner, this was due to the fact that transparent pixels in GIMP while having an alpha value of 0 have high RGB values. To counteract this, we examined every pixel within the image and were able to use a rule set to only switch out opaque white pixels with the required colour.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Pronto Probe is a great solution because it increases efficiency, by preventing the dental hygienist to have to keep switching between probing and transcribing, it reduces risk of contamination/spread of oral bacteria. In many cases, due to the current probing process being very tedious, clinics have employed assistants to aid the hygienist in writing down the measurements of the pocket depth. This will eliminate the need for an assistant, and will allow for other tasks to be addressed earlier on in the finite 45 minute appointment, like cleaning, whitening, polishing, x-rays etc. The probe also uses constant pressure to ensure consistent readings, and put patient sensitivity first.

What I learned

New thing I learnt were making dynamic simulations on CAD.

What's next for Pronto Perio

Pronto Perio in the future has potential to make 3D visualizations of the teeth with current ultrasonic research being done.

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