Yesterday a few of the young presenters spoke about their challenge in finding work. A few of them mentioned their proficiency using and navigating social media. As I'm connected with a large network of small to medium businesses who are starting to experiment with social media, I wanted to create a way for both new Aussies and established businesses to get together.

What it does

The platform helps small to medium businesses owners or prospective employers find help fulfilling their social media and web related needs.

How we built it

We created a wire frame, tested it with new Aussies looking for work, changed it according to the feedback from prospective employers...

Challenges we ran into

We pivoted a number of times throughout the weekend in response to mentor and participant feedback. Neither of us were UI experts so we built a wire frame using the resources we had...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We helped 3 new Aussies create connections / a pathway with prospective employers. The advice sought has been partially incorporated in the tools we created for new Aussies looking for work.

What we learned

We needed to clarify our key customer and fine tune our content to meet their needs. We reshaped structure and content to meet customer needs.

What's next for A Fair Go

Incorporating user feedback and enhancing the project to suit employer needs.

Testing, testing, testing.

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