I was inspired to do this project because I have seen many people do similar projects with Wii's all adding their own special touch to them. I knew this challenge would be interesting doing it over just a hackathon but I figured my skills at circuit analysis and hardware development could get me through it.

What it does

To put it simple its a Wii that is independently self contained. All games are pre stored within the new OSs on a hard drive, The Wii has a 9800mAh battery to allow it to last around 4 hours and has a screen for you or your friends to play on. The device can still operate as a standard Wii regardless of the environment, additionally it can still be played and powered on a standard TV.

How I built it

I started off with a regular wii, And the first thing I did was modify the OS to not require non-essential hardware from preventing it from posting on boot and additionally, on detection of an external drive point to start up off of that directory rather than the native one. This software side was done for the most part with pre developed tools Homebrew, HackMii and BitBuild that were customly modified upon development. Much of the documentation of pinout diagrams are made public by people who made findings during their own installations.

Next was to tear the wii apart and run a test to find the amount of Amps it drew with all electrical systems attached. Upon this each modification was made by microscope assisted hand soldering to the surface mounted components of the motherboard then tested for failure. All new modifications were carefully insulated, EMD shielded as best as possible and recased in a hacky modified Wii shell and Arizona Tea cans.

Challenges I ran into

Within the first hour I blew out my op amp to control the volume. This made me lose a realistic implementation of sound. Additionally I had to solder electrical components with the hands of a surgeon and the patience of a customer service phone operator while I worked at 3AM and later.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I didn't short it, break it, leave an open connection or make any irreparable mistakes.

What I learned

Soldering at 3AM is hard and electronics can be extremely challenging to modify post production.

What's next for A E S T H E T I C Mii Portable Wii

I definitely would like to put a new op amp in for sound and fix the faulty video in connection.

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