We wanted to make a more cute themed game and so we took the aspect of a shooter with a cuter UI and design.

What it does

Side Scrolling Shooter where you are going through a level with a boss battle at the end. The game contains a special mechanic based around the resolution theme, where there are lower resolution pixel obstacles which must be defeated using pixel star shooting mode.

How we built it

Built it using unity starting with the gameplay and UI then tweaking level difficulty

Challenges we ran into

The restart was really buggy for a long time, resulting from the bullets being spawned into the Boot scene and not being deleted when you press restart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lots of different game mechanics, Easter eggs (try clicking on the icon in the menu!).

What we learned

C#, Unity, 2D game design in general, mechanics + UI especially.

What's next for A Dream's Resolution

2 Player mode, more levels, different enemy sprites, Boss health trigger (Boss gets more powerful after health lowers past a certain point)

Built With

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