INSPIRATION Health being a critical component of our lives, especially in the current scenario, we’ve been inspired by numerous scientific and technological efforts across the globe to address the concerns revolving around Breast cancer thereby, igniting us into developing our app- Pink+

WHAT IT DOES: Video Walkthrough

  • Wellness: Provides symptom logging, risk assessment, and ML-based diagnosis using Cytology Reports and screening examinations using Blood Test Reports.
  • Support groups: Division based on location and user segment
  • Survivor stories: Platform for survivors to share their stories and guide patients in support groups
  • Breast cancer education
  • Campaigns: Four campaigns that’ll have an effective outreach


  • Mobile Application and Watch Tracker: iOS, watchOS, and iPadOS written in Swift with CocoaPods dependencies
  • Database: Firebase Realtime Database
  • UI Elements: Sketch and Adobe XD


  • Even after repeated hyper-parameter tuning, we couldn’t push the accuracy past 75%.


  • Custom blockchain is implemented in-app using Swift to store user-health records, further strengthening data security.
  • ML Models: Flask app deployed on Heroku
  • Minified Gail-Model: First of its kind, written natively in Swift, accuracy within 1% of BCRAT
  • Creating a forum, Collaborate, for researchers and scientists to discuss and collaborate
  • Instagram Filter: Approved by Instagram
  • Application approved by Apple for Beta Testing and currently in App Store review.


  • Data analysis
  • Coordination


  • Fundraising: Collaborative scheme
  • Mammography: Self-diagnosing using our Deep-Learning models.
  • Extension to Android, WebApp, and Multi-lingual support
  • Additional campaigns
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