I was inspired to build "A Disinfecting Box" because I found out that even after you take a shower or wash your hands, touching or even just smudging a dirty surface can get your hand completely dirty. These dirty objects could include items such as your phone, cash, glasses, and school/work supplies.

What it does

"A Disinfecting Box" is a cardboard box with a drawer, that contains a UVC light. With the press of a button, the light can turn on and kill away all of the germs.

How I built it

I built "A Disinfecting Box" by first grabbing the materials needed, two cardboard boxes, a marker, an Exacto-knife, a hot-glue gun with sticks, a ruler, and A UVC light. I then grabbed the ruler and started to measure the cardboard pieces needed to make the drawer and outside box. I then made a handle out of hot-glue and glued together the pieces for the drawer and box. At this point, I had a working drawer with a handle that I could store things inside, but I wanted a disinfecting box. After that, I added a UVC light, because It was the cheapest sanitization process that worked very well and was used to clean water in third world countries

Challenges I ran into

At first, it was hard to find a UVC light on amazon that was within my mom's budget for me, but once I got one it was easy to do the building process.

What's next for A Clean Freak

If I win any competitions with this project, then I will start testing how long items should stay inside for proper sanitization. I will also start making more working prototypes and find a reasonable price to start selling these with. This product will be targeted to households(cleaning phones and glasses ), workplaces(supplies such as pencils, staplers, pens, and rulers), and small businesses(to clean cash, coins, and credit cards).

I would like to thank my mom for buying me the supplies needed for building this, and the host of this competition.

Built With

  • cardboard
  • duct-tape
  • hot-glue
  • uvc
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